About US

RoastMasterz was originally established in the 1930s by two entrepreneurial brothers who recognized that their love for artisan roasted specialty coffee was something they had in common with the majority of their neighbors in Sydney.

They imported green beans from around the world, roasting it locally, and selling it to local shops. A growing immigration from Europe after World War 2 resulted in a true revolution in coffee culture and expression and a growing market for the highest quality of artisan roasted coffees.

Coffees from all over the world

We source our coffees from all over the world, including Java, Sumatra, Western New Guinea (also known as Papua or Indonesian New Guinea), Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil and many other regions. Our seasonal whole bean coffee menu is curated to offer something special for everyone.

Each coffee with a unique but approachable flavor focus. Our roasting style is emblematic of our interest in developing and expressing each coffee’s inherent flavor, without imparting any roast or smoke notes.

Unique and approachable

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to put a smile on someones face. But it’s that first time when someone realizes they can drink black coffee, without cream or sugar added, when their eyes are opened to something totally new and exciting that makes us happy and content. It is then that we reach our goal... to provide our customers with unique but approachable coffees that are delicious in their own special way. Coffee that is sweet, well balanced and full of a unique flavor.

With a our unique legacy, we have something unique to offer, something, we believe, you want to enjoy and then to come back to for more...

Our unique history remains our driving force, creating a line of artisan roasted coffees while maintaining our family’s history & values. Now part of Java Original® Coffee, RoastMasterz is available around the globe, offering artisan roasted specialty coffee to retailers and individuals alike.